Dynamic Descaler

What is Dynamic Descaler?

Dynamic Descaler is formulated to rapidly clean mineral scale found in passages of water-cooled or heated equipment.It is a revolutionary biodegradable descaler. It does not oxidize, corrode, pit, erode or have any other harmful effects on materials and metals such as; STEEL, IRON, BRASS, COPPER, PLASTIC, FIBER, TEFLON or other metals or materials found in water-based systems or equipment, you can clean your equipment IN-SITU(and sometimes without shutting down  machine).

Why Dynamic Descaler?

Dynamic Descaler is the trade name for a revolutionary worlds safest and most effective descaler. It is a revolutionary biodegradable descaler that is designed to dissolve rapidly the toughest water scale and lime and removes mud,rust,silica and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits from any water-based equipment and piping safely and effectively.


Satisfied Worldwide Clients:

PetroCanada Coca cola Goodyear Tire & Rubber
3M Nor baker Ford Motor Company
Atlas Copc Trane (chiller) Ingersoll Rand
General Motors Compair Esso
Lafarge Cement Exxon Mobil U.S Navy
British Royal Navy PCA Paper Mills Chvron Ietnam Fertilizer Plant


DYNAMIC DESCALER`S corrosion rates are 71% lower than the competitor. The below corrosion rates are according to the U.S. Navy Commercial Item Description (CID) Heat exchanger Cleaning Compound. The maximum corrosion rate is 20mils per year (MPY).


Dynamic Descaler Effectivenaess:
Dynamic Descaler® (Bio Descale) has the ability to dissolve approximately 1.5kg of calcium carbonate scale per gallon in concentrated form. It does not need to be heated up during cleaning. Dynamic Descaler dissolves 56% more scale than our competitor.

Scale Dissolving Ability:
Scale dissolving ability is a test that measures how fast the descaler will dissolve scale.
The results show that DYNAMIC ESCALER dissolved the calcium carbonate, which is the primary compound in boiler scale, much faster than our competitor.