Jacket Water Chemical

Jacket water chemical-COOL TREAT NCLT  is Diesel and Gas Engine Cooling Water Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor. It is suitable for all CLOSED CIRCUIT systems. It is  a nitrite,borate and polymer based corrosion inhibitor with a suitable buffer to ensure stable PH condition.

Effective corrosion inhibitor of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum
• Controls formation of deposits
• Keeps system free of sludge and scale
• Does not affect gaskets or hoses
• Contains specific copper corrosion inhibitor
• Compatible with anti-freeze solution
• Supplied in liquid form
• Discourages bacteria in cooling water system

It is more economical and safe. Its consumption is less. Cool Treat NCLT is used in dosage of 1600-2000 ppm nitrite (NO2) dependent on the chloride level.

Cool Treat NCLT recommendations for jacket water properties:
Nitrite         :1600-2000 ppm of NO2
Chloride      max 100 ppm Cl¯
Hardness    max 180 ppm CaCO3
PH              9-10

Normal Rated Engine:



1000ppm of Sodium Nitrite = 666ppm of Nitrite.

Above 1000ppm of Nitrite level is highly recommended for closed circuit cooling syntem. Some suppliers test sodium nitrite and cheat customers. Sodium is a carrier of nitrite and it has no rule to protect system.
Very Important to understand. Cooling water treatments are oxidizers if the customer has 500 to 600ppm of Nitrite Accelerated corrosion could occur.

Above 1000ppm of Nitrite has absolutely no effect on the protection. Cool Treat NCLT  keeps 1500ppm of Nitrite simply for a buffer purpose.


Direction for Use:
Starting with the treatment of a system, the nitrite level must be kept at the higher nitrite level of the corresponding chloride concentration by testing and dosing daily.If the system is passivated the testing frequency and dosing can be reduced till once aweek at minimum. Always add COOL TREAT NCLT at a point where circulation is high. Most modern system header tanks are purely for expansion and have little or no circulation. Also they are often fitted with an internal baffle which can have the effect of trapping treatment and subsequent difficulty in obtaining the correct levels. The majority of loss  in treatment levels will be due to leakage and subsequent dilution by make up water (Distilled water should always be used)


Cool Treat NCLT formula is approved by the UK Department of Trade for use in cooling systems. Major diesel/GAS engine manufacturers approve Cool treat NCLT like

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