Industrial Cleaner - Dark Blue C-97

Dark Blue C97 Industrial Cleaner is a concentrated, fast effective universal applicable emulsifing liquid. It is non-ionic and anionic surface active compound to clean mineral oil, grease, sticky dust as well as preserving agent.

Product Characteristics:
Appearance            : Dark Blue Liquid
Corrosive Action     : Metal-None
                               Rubber-Slight swelling
Flash Point             : >63ºC

Dark Blue C97 Industrial Clearer is
1) Highly concentrated and economical in diluted solution.
2) Can be mixed with kerosene or diesel to remove hard oily dust, grease.
3) Cleans all surface like plastic, metal, glass, concrete, creamic, epoxy.
4) Suitable for use cleaning textile spares, steel roller, under casing, cover, cooling system
    where use an emulsifing cleaner prior to the acid cleaning.
5) Rapidly emulsifies in fresh or salt water.
6) Rapid rinsing leaving clean,oil free surface.

Direction for use:
Depending on the state of soiling a concentration of 1:40 to 1:500 of water is used.
Use Dark Blue C97 undiluted on the bulkheads, Frames, Stringers using a spray gun.
After cleaning rinse the surface with fresh water.
Applicable For: Oil tank, Engine, Textile machinery cover, duct line,Rubber, Ceramic, metal, glass, compressor oily surface, generator, oily reditor, greasy surface, car, truck.