Anodic Polarisation Behaviour of Experimental Sample #3 After Exposure to Natural Seawater for a minimum of 21 Days Followed by a 6 Hr Immersion In Dynamic Descaler, sample was tested on day one following exposure to Dynamic Descaler and did pass.
Potential (V) Vs. SCE
Anodic Polarisation Testing on six 70/30copper/nickel samples in flowing natural seawater was conducted. Based on testing and analysis, it was found that:
All samples pass current density criteria (10^6 A/cm^2) after the initial 21 days plus an additional 28 days. After immersion to DYNAMIC DESCALER, the experimental samples passed the critical current density criteria immediately (< 1 day).
Immersion in DYNAMIC DESCALER solution has a negligible effect on the nature of the passive film formed by seawater immersion of 70/30 copper/nickel